It was fun, but we were all tired and filthy. Time to go.

A frighteningly close but nonetheless interesting picture of Jane.

Jane and Steve relax in the truck.

The whole crew just before boarding the ferry back to Hervey Bay. Standing (from left to right): Martin (Welsh), Andrew (English, helped me build the campfire), Lotta (Swedish), Esther (Dutch), Hannah (Danish), Anna (Irish), Neil (English, in truck), Steve (Scottish, in truck), Paula (Irish), Kenny (Scottish), Jane (English), Vivien (Norwegian), Lindsay (Canadian), Pridi (English), me. Sitting: Graham (English), Alies (Dutch), Tonje (Scottish/English), Kirsty (English).
(photo by Neil)

Neil, Allison, Kenny, and Lindsay return the damaged 4x4. We were given strict instructions not to drive through the saltwater, but that's what we did the whole time.
(photo from Kenny)

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